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Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom


Bonus 9"x9" cover art poster included with each CD! Finding My Way


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Finding My Way

    1. I Try & I Try
    2. Best Cookies [In the Neighborhood]
    3. Steady Like Freddy
    4. The Wes Side
    5. Exfiled
    6. Cuch Cuch
    7. Some Sorta Blue
    8. Finding My Way
    9. Spangled Star Boogaloo (bonus track)

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    Ron Levy – composer, producer, organ, piano, electric pianos, vibes, basses & programming
    Melvin Sparks – guitar on 'Cookies', 'Wes Side', 'Exfiled', 'Cuch'
    Karl Denson – sax & flute on ' Cookies', 'Wes Side', 'Exfiled', & 'Some Sorta Blue'
    Russ Lawton - percussion, drums
    Adrome "Acidman" MacHine - drums, percussion
    special guest: Arkady Beletsky - cello on 'I Try & I Try'

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About Ron Levy's Green Eyed Soul

#1 Soul Jazz CD for 2003 has posted a review of Finding My Way on their website. Click here to check it out.

"Ron Levy, FINDING MY WAY – Levy adds vibes, Fender Rhodes, even cello to his
soul jazz mix, plus guest artists Karl Denson and Melvin Sparks. Rarely has
soul jazz been so diverse and melodically interesting, while maintaining a
rock-solid groove."

- Chuck Ingersoll - WGMC Radio (

"Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom has infected Sirius Satellite Radio. An uncontrollable urge to dance, groove, or just listen intently has overcome the Sirius crowd. The sharp songwriting, top shelf playing and cool arrangements included on the disc "Finding My Way", prompted the Sirius Jam Band channel, Jam _ON, to start with 'I Try & I Try', 'Best Cookies', 'The Wes Side', and 'Some Sorta Blue'. Ron weaves his "Leslie-induced" sound between expert licks from Karl Denson and Melvin Sparks. This is a must-have disc for the jazz/jam band fan."

- Lenny Bloch -Sirius Satellite Radio, NYC

"The best we've heard so far from funky organist Ron Levy -- working here with some real heavy hitters, including saxophonist Karl Denson and guitar jazz legend Melvin Sparks! The grooves are lean and clean -- stepping forth with a solid power that recalls the glory days of the funky Hammond combo, and done by Ron in a style that pays more than enough homage to those who have gone before, but which also has a strong voice that's all his own! Loads of great original tracks -- with titles that include "Steady Like Freddy", "I Try & I Try", "Best Cookies", "Cuch Cuch", "Finding My Way", "Some Sorta Blue", and "Exfiled"."

- from

"Ron's jams are so tight, elegant, and chops-heavy, I would've sworn that he was from the UK! What a surprise to learn that he's a Yank, and a way funky one at that. His jams sound incredible on The Groove Boutique."

- Rafe Gomez, host of The Groove Boutique,
syndicated jazz mix show - London, UK

"Ron Levy's new CD sounds more like 'Found My Way', then its title 'Finding My Way'! Back on board for the best Wild Kingdom safari ever, is Ron's previous band-mate guitarist Melvin Sparks, and for added good measure ex-Grey Boy All-Star and now solo artist Karl Denson. Both add zesty spice to this AMAZING mix. Dig these heavy organic grooves, I did!"

- Bob Putignano - 'Sounds of Blue' WFDU-FM,
Goldmine Magazine and President of
the New York Blues & Jazz Society

"The opening cello notes signal that 'FINDING MY WAY' is not "just" another bluesy organ-based outing (though the world can always use more of those). The next hour-plus of listening confirms that Levy's savvy musicianship on Hammond, piano, Rhodes, keyboards, vibes and bass and his breadth of influences and inspirations,makes it as one of the choicest such albums of the new Millennium. Between RLWK's commanding monarch and his kingdom whose nobility includes seasoned groove-masters Melvin Sparks and Karl Denson, Levy's ensemble has produced a recording of noteworthy substance and excellence, with an infectiousness matched by its depth. Just don't play 'FINDING MY WAY' where smoking isn't allowed, because that's all Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom does from start to finish!"

- Dick Shurman - Producer/journalist

"Hi Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom! Whole Wheat Radio ( is featuring you all day today and I just wanted to say. Great music! I've been listening all day, in the background. Your songs have definitely stood out in the mix. Thanks for making it so available."

- Regards, John

"This record 'Finding My Way' is about staying power and being remembered a generation away."

- Kahil Breithauupt, Hammond Beat

"'m speechless over these CD's you sent me. Damn,'ll be in the books just like you should. This is heavy sh*t, I wish you could come play on some of mine once in a while."

- Yo' old broke-down miss-treated blues buddy, James Harman

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