Bullseye Blues became a part of the Rounder family of labels not too long after I began working with them. Rounder, as a name, was and still is famous and mostly known for their dedication to Bluegrass, Folk and historical recordings, albeit Roots Americana. That’s what originally drove their love for music – all music. They've got ALL the best stuff in those genres and it's their sweetest love.

In order for the bluesier and R&B titles I – along with Scott Billington, who headed the New Orleans Masters series – was doing to have their own identities (for marketing clarity), Bullseye Blues was born as a 'younger brother' specializing in the Blues and R&B. It joined the family of Rounder-associated labels, which included other ones focusing on Reggae, Third World Beat, singer/songwriters, Americana, Roots Rock, etc. I grabbed and was handed the ball many times. I was able to sell my ideas, find new talent and pitch many projects, all made possible with much love and support. It also made business sense and I was more than willing to produce and work hard. The prevailing label strategy was to musically have a nice balance of experienced legends, almost legends and younger, newer, hopefully up-and-coming talent. At a minimum, they all needed to have a good local following and also have some experience on the road, as well as a decent following anywhere they went.

Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, Smokin' Joe Kubek, Luther 'Guitar Jr.' Johnson, 'Little' Jimmy King, Preston Shannon, Smokey Wilson and Michelle Willson fit more into this newer group, compared to the older, long established legends. I passed on thirteen-year-old 'Monster' Mike Welch and twenty-year-old Susan Tedeschi and gave them to my good friend 'Rosy' Rosenblatt of Tone-Cool Records, because I was too busy going for what I considered the Real Deal. Both became mega sellers for Tone-Cool, unanimous "darlings of the music industry" and put them on the musical map for good, as well as Tone-Cool. Mazel tov, Rosy, my good friend.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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