'King' Albert & 'Prince' Rown
Buick Roadmaster

Albert King and I became very sociable and good friends during this time. We met for breakfast and lunch at Ellen's restaurant many times and reminisced about old times from twenty-plus years ago. He had "hoid" about some of the stuff I was doing with Charles Brown, Lowell Fulson, Jimmy McCracklin and Albert Collins and, now that I was in Memphis, his new hometown, he wanted to help me out. Albert was really a very cool and nice person once you got inside his protective walls. He had a great sense of humor, as well as being very real about everything. I appreciated that. Most -- or at least many -- people in the music business can be very phony sometimes. A clear, honest relationship is what I treasure most. All was forgotten about stealing his/my drummer Julian Vaughn, as he remarked, "I never trusted him between two raindrops anyway. He lef' you the same ways as he lef' me!" I told Albert, "Hell Albert, he left me three times!" We almost choked on our food, we were laughing so hard. I actually made Albert King cry!

Albert still couldn't believe I'd left him while I was making $500 a week working 2-3 days with him, and B.B. was paying me only $300 working eight days a week some twenty years before. "Albert, you were paying me only $250 a week, made us all pay for our rooms and was yelling at everyone all the damn time, but you do have a point." We both laughed all the way down to Beale Street from my Midtown hotel. He would've been mashing that big old air horn if he'd still had one in his spankin' new Lincoln. Albert had promised to give me his vintage Buick he knew I loved as a gift, but we never finalized it or made it legal. I drove it a few times but I was nervous in doing so. I mostly opted to operate my rental car instead.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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