Parading down Beale Street

Albert’s funeral was grand. The Memphis Horns, Wayne and Andrew led a traditional New Orleans-style funeral parade down Beale Street, celebrating Albert's grand life. It was an amazing confluence of people that I couldn’t have ever expected in my wildest dreams. This is difficult to write about, because one side of me sees a lot of humor and irony, not to mention hypocrisy. The other side feels a sincere love for a 'poisen' very close to me, one I respected very much. I always loved Albert, from the 'foist' time we’d ever met till the last days we spent together. I admit, Albert was scary at times, and I was afraid of his wrath, but he was an incredible soul, a national treasure and the best damn Blues guitar player ever! He was also my good friend and a good man.

I was called by Mrs. King from East St Louis. She requested my presence, meaning she needed Larry Davis and me to help handle all the details of the funeral proceedings. I then called Larry and told him I would send him an airline ticket overnight. “I’ll be drivin’ Rown. Take me three or four days from California.” Me: “Larr, Mrs. King’s gonna be there tomorrow. You need to get yo’ butt on a plane now and meet me there on the ASAP side.” Larry: “I ain’t flyin’ fo’ nobody!” Me: “Hey man, when it’s yo’ time, it’s yo’ time!” Larry: “Wow’t if it be the pilot’s damn time?” Me: “Just get there, G-d Damnit!” Larry must’ve left ten minutes after we hung up and drove 120 mph the whole way. He once drove one of Albert’s buses from Mobile to Memphis stuck in second gear the whole way. He couldn’t even stop for the traffic lights! L.D. took all back roads without a map that time. The man could drive.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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