Boston’s Charles River

Throughout my stay in Minneapolis, as well as while traveling around the country to record, every two weeks I went home to spend the weekend with my young son AJ and visit my parents in Boston. While I was in Roomful my dad had a severe stroke, which left him partially paralyzed and speechless for twelve years. My dear mom, who was a cancer survivor herself, refused to ship him off to some rest home and courageously -- along with my Aunt Mimi and my mom's longtime friend and "houseboy" helper David Hersey -- kept him at home with the best lovingly attentive care imaginable. We all enjoyed these visits, always spoiling each other with much-needed love and care.

I left my car in Peabody, MA, in the care my old trusted friend Jose Gonzalez, so I wouldn't have to rent one each time I flew back home for these visits. I'd usually come in on a Thursday night. Jose would pick me up at the airport and we'd have the night to catch up and mostly party with the Peabody gang. He is probably one of the most compelling, if not humorous, characters in this book. Born in Madrid, Spain, Jose came to America in the early '60s with his parents and younger brother Carlos. Jose's accent is still like he just came over here last week.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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