Japan and the Far East was a totally new experience, really foreign to us all, I must say. However, this time the young bucks were all on the same level now, as the experienced all-knowing vets were in 1971. Everything was so new and different and markedly so. We learned first thing, "konnichi wa," "domo arigato," etc. in Japanese, the same common "good morning" and "thank you very much" expressions we learned everywhere we went, but it went much further than that. Barney, frustrated while ordering at a restaurant, ended up crudely drawing a chicken in a frying pan, handing it to his still patient and polite waiter, bellowing, "That's what I want, G-d damnit." Some places we had to sleep on mats on the floor without pillows. Instead we slept with these devices we likened to guitar stands for the head. We'll get into all that later.

First, I ashamedly and regretfully admit that, back then, I dabbled in certain hard-core substances I would never ever consider doing again and would 100% advise everyone against doing today. In L.A., I had overdone it one night and was visibly stoned and out of my ever-lovin' cotton-pickin' mind. Half my face on the left side appeared to be invisibly pulled down by a severe gravitational force. The caustic, abrasive itching on my right side and nose was uncontrollable, as was my projectile vomiting. I was not good at this at all. Any facsimile of looking normal while high was severely betrayed by these substances to everyone, except me.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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