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This is an exciting new reading experience we invite you all to check out. It is a first of its kind fresh format you cannot deny yourself. Master musician, arranger, producer and label owner Ron Levy has shared his unique perspective of his trailblazing musical and historical experiences, along with his humorous observations. He's continuing to forge new paths, this time in the book publishing industry.

Here are some cherry-picked short trips and rest stops along the various chapters of "Tales of a Road Dog" that will give you a good idea of what this (first-time-ever format) web-book is about.

When many of you read the full version, you'll be very likely to say, "Why didn’t they include all these other stories in the teaser?"

Well, that's precisely the point. We hope you enjoy these samples and need to read and listen to more!

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Also, at the end of each chapter there will be a direct, dedicated email link to the author and publisher for all your comments and questions. We welcome them wholeheartedly. This is the future, NOW!

ALSO INCLUDED: RON LEVY'S NEW ALBUM "FUNKY FIESTA!" (click to download and listen while reading!)


You may have never heard of Ron Levy , but he's one heck of a storyteller. He was 'there' and everywhere, back in the day and in person. He's someone you need and will enjoy listening to. Backing up Blues legends since 1966 with determination and much humor, as well as an appreciation for this special time in American musical history, he 'knows'. He went on to record and produce, helping to establish and reinvigorate many artists' careers, while searching and finding his own signature sound. Mr. Levy has got quite a big, full story to tell, as well as thousands of zinging one liners and colorful pranks.

These 'Tales' are more about the consistently kaleidoscopic cast of characters Levy met -- and the many crazy circumstances he found himself in -- than an autobiography of a celebrated musician/sideman, etc. It's about what he and others saw, experienced and shared with those that were there, too. Superstars like Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali and everyday people are treated with the same deference, equal reference, respect and levity, exposing various generally unknown insights and candid moments.

"This is a 'tell some' not a 'tell all' book. I figured there's more than enough of that cynical, sordid, seedy stuff out there already; right by the checkout register at your local supermarket, show business biography sections, and on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil, even the network news. That said, these stories are fun, unique and told with sometimes embarrassing candor, prideful irony and plenty of self-mockery. Not wanting to only victimize myself, I thought it only fair to spread it around liberally to and on all my friends, too! With all due respect I ask you: what are friends for anyway?

These are the stories I've told my friends, band-mates and family for years, after returning from my various exploits and journeys or recently jostled to memory. Many have suggested I write them down, and now I have. So I am saying this to you all right now and get this straight; this is not an autobiography, almanac, historical novel, history book, fiction, non-fiction, legal problem, music business, salacious sexy hedonistic expose of debauchery, drugs and sin book, a self-help book, a textbook, religious, mystery, thriller, political, gangster, western saga, spy, adventure, science fiction, Rock n' Roll, etc. book. Well, at least not in its entirety. (But there's plenty of all that in here, just in case!)

So, my dear Reader, If you just love good, real music, stories about many of the wonderful characters who contributed to its pursuit and spirit, travel, geography, living history, non-political social commentary, good food, sweet and bitter memories, as well as comical and heartwarming and inspiring tales, then maybe you'll enjoy this humble effort I wanted to share with all of you."

I sincerely hope you all do and G-d Bless.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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