Needless to say, both Ritchie and I were thrilled and excited beyond our most far-fetched musical dreams ever, pumped, walking on air. We graciously accepted our new gig and began to make plans toward our newly-realized stardom riding Albert's coattails. I thought everything would be fantastic and no problem, and why not? What could possibly pose any problems? This was all great! Was there anything I hadn't thought through, or at all? Well, there were a few things: first of all, I was only seventeen years old and still in high school (a senior). I hadn't informed my parents of my wonderful plan of finding fame and fortune in this peace-and-love world my generation espoused and believed in so sincerely – one which was so obvious to us but oblivious to anyone over thirty.

My dad, always the pragmatist, somehow understood my irrational passion for this strange new music he knew nothing about. It had a definite hold on me. My dear mom, the romantic, felt that if we didn't somehow figure out a way to work this out, I would somehow be lost for good and run away with the circus forever. We needed to do this with everyone's blessings. So after a talk with Albert and my dad, it was determined that, as long as I kept my grades up, I could go and play out on weekends and Albert was to be my legal guardian, responsible for my safety and welfare out there on the road. Incredibly, Albert agreed. Mr. Segal, my housemaster at Brookline High School, did also! We worked out an arrangement we could all live with. I persuaded my cousin Barry Levy to rent us a Hertz panel truck to be driven by my buddy Mark Berger. We loaded up Richie's drums and my Hammond B-3 and went to meet Albert in New York in ol' Times Square. We did it! We all met OK, although it was nerve wracking trying to negotiate the traffic in NYC and still be on time. Somehow, we already sensed Albert didn't have much patience for anyone being late. As much as I loved Albert through the years, he didn't have much patience at all, for anything or anybody.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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