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Acknowledgements and Dedication


  1. In the Beginning
  2. The Albert King Chronicles
  3. The B.B. King Chronicles - Musicians & Valets
  4. The B.B. King Chronicles Pt. II - Japan, Drugs, Carnegie Hall, New Orleans Jazz Fest w/Nina Simone, Rumble in the Jungle, Apollo Theatre
  5. B.B. King Chronicles Pt. III - Cook County Jail, B.B. King Day, Viva Las Vegas & Elvis
  6. The B.B. King Chronicles Pt. IV - The Wreck, Bobby Forte & Folks, Last days
  7. The B.B. King Chronicles Pt. V - Reflections, Chicago & New York
  8. Back Home in Boston 1977
  9. The Luther Chronicles
  10. The Roomful Chronicles - Personnel
  11. The Roomful Chronicles Pt. II - Personnel cont'd, Uncle Frank, Austin Texas
  12. The Blacktop - A - Rama Chronicles
  13. The Rounder Chronicles - Levtron Productions, Injuns, Lowell Fulson & Sazon, Charles Brown, Champion Jack Dupree
  14. Bullseye Blues - Eddie Hinton, The Persuasions & Jeannie Brooks
  15. Albert & Little Jimmy King, Crosstown Recorders, Reverb, Rodney King Riots in L.A.
  16. Tone-Cool, Memphis Pt. II, Albert King, Charles & Bonnie, Soul Music, SRV
  17. Albert's & Pop's Funerals
  18. Mo' New Orleans, Memphis and Charles
  19. South Central, Memphis, 'Poppa' Willie Mitchell, Zim Zam Zoom
  20. Bye to Bullseye, The Twin Cities and Cannonball
  21. Bewitching Salem & Beverly, Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, Senor Jose
  22. Casing St. Louis
  23. Brasil Tour
  24. RL's Wild Kingdom Rides Nationwide
  25. California - Spank!, Denson, Green Eyed Soul
  26. Breakdown of CDs

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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