As you may remember, St. Louis has always been a part of my life and travels, since my days with Albert King. Even more so when my best, good and closest of friends Bob Case moved back to his beloved home by the mighty Mississippi River from Cambridge, Mass., and New York City. He and his lovely wife Francine, a New York native, decided to raise their family in the more relaxed Midwest atmosphere rather than the always hectic New York City about the time their second child, Andrew, was born. Doubling as both a musician and house painter, Bob always found plenty of work and easy parking spaces right out in front of wherever he had to go in the crowded City. It was uncanny. The man is blessed.

Some eighteen years later, Bob had a beautiful and glorious hundred-year-old tree in his backyard that provided much welcomed shade during the hot and humid St. Louis summers. However, many of its branches were beginning to go bad, and it had seen its time. It had weakened severely and Bob told me he was going to have to cut it down. He was sad about it, but Bob knew best, that I knew. About a month or so later, I nervously called Bob when I saw on a newsflash that some tornadoes had ripped through St. Louis. Francine's school, Webster University, was in the path of one of them and it destroyed much of the campus. I immediately called to see if Francine was OK. Bob said everybody was safe and sound, and not to worry. He then added, "It's a good thing I cut down that old tree last week, Rahn [Midwest accent]. This storm would've blown the tree onto my roof and divided up my house in half. Lucky thing I did. I'm always lucky like that. Remember my parking 'karma' back in New York?"

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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