Deep Banana Blackout

The next summer, "Jay-Baum" and I met out in San Francisco and stayed at Fisherman's Wharf. Deep Banana Blackout, a great funky Jam Band with a horn section and a dynamic female lead singer, Jen Durkin from Connecticut, was playing a gig out there with Merle Saunders. I was an invited "special guest." It was a great concert and planted a seed for future musical developments. I met up with Jimmy McCracklin, took the BART train up to Richmond. It was way cool! Had a delicious home made lunch with Crack and his lovely wife Beulah. We straightened a few things out between us that had been left over from the old days. All in all, I really dug Crack the most. He was a real solid, standup guy. He played effective peeanna, sang like hell, wrote well and was a good teacher. Jimmy also had a great sense of humor. He treasured and was tickled by my buffet ploy on Wayne Bennett back in New Orleans and was cracking up recounting the story to Beulah. We had a very nice visit.

I took Jay to see the Giants play the Phillies in their new baseball stadium right there on the 'Frisco Bay. It was a gorgeous venue where one could view the Bay Bridge in one direction, mountains in another, sailboats and cool water in between and all around and watch a Major League ballgame all at the same time on a gorgeous California day. Never being a sports fan, Jay preferred to walk around and sample the local ballpark fare, which was excellent. They had real BBQ-grilled burgers, hand-carved roast beef and turkey sandwiches on fresh sourdough bread, Chinese food, Mexican food, etc., all done to order and fast. There was even organic veggie food! Jay didn't know who won or who was even playing, but he enjoyed the day, was full and got some sun. Curt Schilling and his Phillies won 4-3. Barry Bonds went 0-3 with a walk.

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