[Writer and Editor's note: Dear Reader, It may seem like I'm jumping around here, and I am! I must remind you once again that this is not a strict chronological diary, almanac, autobiography, etc. It's many stories, as I remembered them, in much of a random order, as my memory served me. In the last chapter, I wanted to complete my whole story about Lowell Fulson. Later, I realized there were some other things, too, but I didn't want to break the flow of my riffs. He'll be back again. (There was a tie-in with the riots that I wanted to connect in the previous chapter.) I liken this to a conversation, where one relates various topics as they come up, not in any so-called order according to time. If someone asked you, "How have you been?" You wouldn't answer them by telling them how you've been ever since you were a baby, then day-by-day ever since, would you? Well, me neither. So just play along, OK? As the train conductor in East Germany said, "It'll be better." I hope this explanation clarifies my intent.]

In this chapter, I will begin with the period that immediately followed my return from the 1990 riots in L.A. OK? I started doing some local recording in my buddy Richard "Rosy" Rosenblatt's basement studio in Newton Centre, MA. The price and atmosphere was right. I kept my Hammond A-100 organ and Leslie speaker there. I did some tunes for my solo record "B-3 Blues and Grooves" there, as well as sessions with Luther 'Guitar Jr.' Johnson, Sugar Ray and the Bluetones, and Michelle Willson. I first met a very young, amiable and talented tenor saxophone player named Gordon Beadle, soon to be renamed by me as 'Sax' Gordon. He was working with Luther at the time. Gordon has appeared brilliantly on many of my projects and we still play together on occasion today. He's very much in demand, has his pick of choice gigs, never fails to 'get house' and is a pure pleasure to hang with. He was very shy when we first met but has overcome any timidity in spades since. He's now a wildly engaging and energetic showman.

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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