"Wow, Ron Levy's book is amazing! Wonderful reading, entertaining, fun, educational and , well, amazing!" - Norman Darwen - Blues Matters! - UK

"Ron Levy endures as an ingenious blues keyboardist -- touring most notably with B.B. King for 7 years -- and he was there when B.B. played Muhammad Ali's private parties, as well as stadium shows in Africa and throughout the world. He was the ultimate road warrior, also tickling the ivories for Albert King, Roomful of Blues and his own Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom, while meeting everyone from Elvis Presley to Nina Simone. He distills it all in this lively, remarkably honest web book, 'Tales of a Road Dog,' filled with more than 1,500 photos and 250-plus video links. It's a unique way to present himself and nearly everything is unique in these gritty stories of survival with some of music's great pioneers and the musicians who powered them on stage. If you thought you knew about music history, trust me that you'll know even more when you delve into Levy's rich and colorful text. This guy can write as well as he can play." - STEVE MORSE, a former longtime staff critic at the Boston Globe who has also contributed to Billboard and Rolling Stone and now teaches an online course in Rock History at Berklee College of Music

"Great writing, so funny, and touching...very sweet words for us down here...I love it...so colorfully told..." - Hammond Scott, founder of Blacktop Records

"Wish you'd been on the bus with Albert King? At the Rumble In The Jungle with B.B. King? Or in the studio with some of the most influential figures in blues, jazz and funk in the last 40 years? Ron Levy was there and he's telling the stories from the back of the bus.

Tales of a Road Dog is a wonderfully witty and insightful romp through the musical life of one of the most impressive sidemen, producers and label owners of the last 40 yrs. A take no prisoners tale of life on the bandstand, in the studio and on the road.

Chock full of unreleased pictures and the songs they were playing, this is a must read for anyone who ever wondered what it was like to actually be there." - Shaun Bindley, "Blues With A Feeling", 98.9FM Brisbane, Australia

"The only way you learn these kinds of notes, is if you have worked and played with the best and Ron Levy has...for a real dive into the world of low down, dirty, butt rockin' Blues...you need to devour this book. Your 'Greazy' hands won't want to put it down...guaranteed! - "Famous Dave" Anderson, Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues

"This is an important first hand account of the global Blues world from a person who was there in the beginning. Levy's personal memories of the Black artists who first turned white audiences on to their music is mesmerizing and a must-read for every Blues musician and fan alike." - A.J. Watchel, Blues Blast Magazine, Blues-E-News, the Boston Blues Society and The Noise.

"Taken merely as a book, Ron Levy's "Tales Of A Road Dog" is an enjoyable and enlightening read. Levy draws upon his wealth of experience since he was an under-aged legal ward of Albert King and then a fixture in B.B. King's early '70s orchestra, as a member and leader of sometimes legendary blues bands and as a producer, and provides major insights into the people and the life. He does it in a kind way, celebrating the humanity but not dishing dirt or spite and generating a lot of both "Aha! Moments" and laughs. But "Tales Of A Road Dog" isn't just a book; it's a web-book, full of hyperlinks to music (including videos) and photos which enhance and reinforce the experience considerably. Thanks to Mr. Levy (the inventor) for adding an up-to-date way to savor a timeless music and the people who have made it what it was and is."- Dick Shurman, Blues producer and historian

"As a 37 year professional in the music industry (& a life long fan of Blues/Soul/R&B), I've read many accounts of the musician's life. Well, I've got to tell you: master musician/arranger/sideman/composer/producer Ron Levy has written one that stands heads & shoulders above 98% of the many accounts I've read. And that's No Sh*t. " - Tom 'Papa' Ray a.k.a. "The Soul Selector," KDHX- 88.1FM, St. Louis

"Ron Levy has been a participant and contributor to an enormous body of music, from his earliest sideman work with Albert & B.B. King, Roomful of Blues, and as a solo artist, producer & record label owner. Levy is also one of the very few artists who made the transition from Blues to Soul-Jazz music and recorded with the likes of Freddie Hubbard, Melvin Sparks, David T. Walker, Idris Muhammad and other Soul-Jazz originators/inventors. All of these historical facts will make "Tales Of A Road Dog" a must read for me, and I suspect for anyone who has followed roots music over the last five decades. Bring it on Ron!" - Bob Putignano www.SoundsofBlue.com, President of the NY Blues Society and frequent contributor to Goldmine and many musical journals and magazines.

"It's fun, informative, and perhaps most importantly, a historical document. Ron Levy fills a gap that is so often missed by 'Blues scholars' in that he offers the musician's perspective, and in doing so eradicates the artificial and arbitrary pigeonholes that so often 'define' musical styles. A truly delightful pot-pourri of musical life."

- Just credit it to Bob Bell - people either know who I am or will just have to find out! (former manager of Roomful of Blues)

"Masterful musician...legendary producer...relentless prankster...and Plain ole Uncle Ron to my kids, he also happens to have some World Class tales to tell, all told in his unique style. He's stood side by side in the bands of 2 of the 3 KINGS of the blues, as well as in the studio producing and/or performing with a who's who of the Blues, Soul and Jazz world. And did I mention, as we say in Boston, he's a "wicked funny bastid. "Tales of a Road Dog" is an Awesome book...BUY IT!!! NOW!!! I'll wait for ya..." - Philip Pemberton, Singer - Roomful of Blues

"An amazing undertaking. Obviously, given Levy’s seemingly limitless memory and boundless enthusiasm for telling these stories, he’s had a blast bringing this format to life. Blues fans won’t be able to put this down, or log off in this case. Tales of a Road Dog is an excellent read and hopefully will provide additional entertainment and information for readers for many years into the future, and hopefully pave the way for more web-books of the same type. The possibilities are endless."
Graham Clarke (From the UK)
Friday Blues Fix Blog
Blues Bytes

Ten Questions with Ron Levy by Graham Clarke

"TALES of a ROAD DOG" - 'The Lowdown Along the Blues Highway' by Ron Levy
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