Mr. Pinetop Perkins
The Great Otis Spann
The Great Muddy Waters
Luther Johnson during
the Muddy Days

Mama Rose was one heck of a woman. She was Black Power in its best sense. She was loving, dignified, smart, wise and sharp, and any and everything you'd ever possibly want in a truly good human being. She was a strong matriarch for her family who had seen all kinds of injustices and slights, but always overcame them with total faith, class and a sincere smile, the best ever. She was a nurse and unashamedly Pinetop Perkins' part-time lover.

Pinetop is still going strong at 90-plus years today (he has since passed during this writing). He inherited Otis Spann's chair in the fabled Muddy Waters Blues Band when Otis passed. 'Pine' sat in with us at a cool spot in Cambridge called The Nightstage. That place became the premier place to play in Cambridge, after Jonathan Swifts and The Speakeasy shut down. That night was an especially great reunion amongst old friends. Glad it was videotaped along with the insightful interviews for posterity. Many times, these special nights were not.

Mama Rose's daughters also loved musicians. I think one of her daughters even dated Earl Turbinton for awhile. Her home was home to any good musician who needed a place to rest and wake up to a good home-cooked meal. She also listened to everyone's problems and offered carefully learned and experienced, sage-like advice with the kindness and strength each particular situation deemed. When she passed away, I was shattered and cried for several days. I'm about to get a little misty now writing this, missing her so, still. I and everyone who ever knew her loved her, almost as much as she loved us. She had a much greater capacity, however. It was impossible to ever love her more.

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